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Teatro di Pecorino Romano

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Premiering in the North Carolina Renaissance Faire

The Interpreters
Columbina is Italian, Trinket is Blonde, but somehow they manage to
be understood. Come sing along with these lovely ladies while they
perform bawdy songs to make you laugh. Not for the young of age.
The Really Exciting Show
Columbina and Scapino take it up a notch. If you thought they were
exciting before, you ain't seen nothing yet! Whips, escapes, and
acrobatics. They defy death! Their death, your amusement!

All for Love... and Money
Pantalone wants Flaminia to be his wife, but she has other plans.  She gives him a task to prove his love, but rather than work himself, he looks for other options.  Will Pantalone learn his lesson?  Will Flavio the Feckless ever find Trouble?  And what is in that magic pot?  These and other questions will be answered!
(Premiered at the Maryland Renaissance Festival August 1997)


A Romantic Atmosphere
See Pantalone and Stupina cause chaos, as only they know how! Skeletons, disembodied heads, and romance...the perfect combination for a comedy? Take a look, you never know who will pop up next.
(Premiered at the Maryland Renaissance Festival August 2002)


Join Arlecchino, Capitano, and Stupina for a festive frolic. They have no script! But when you are that funny, who cares! See Capitano collapse! See Arlecchino woo! See Stupina sing! You never know exactly what will happen, but neither do they!
(Premiered at the North Carolina Renaissance Festival March 2002)


Death, the Next Best Thing to Being There!
Arlecchino loves Columbina, but Pantalone wants her too!  How is a poor servant to win the heart of the woman he loves when his wealthy boss has stolen his jewels?  Pulchinella comes to the rescue and death has never been so funny!  Its classic Commedia!
(Premiered at the Maryland Renaissance Festival August 1998)


The Doctor is...
Columbina spins yet another yarn for all of us.  How did she manage to get a theater company on her own???  Pantalone should learn, never bet against a woman.  It's a challenge of a little brains, a little talent and to the victor goes the spoils.  Who is the smartest?  We'll never tell... 
(Premiered at the North Carolina Renaissance Festival March 2000)

The Perfect Wedding: Italian Style!
You are cordially invited to join Columbina and Lelio for the Perfect Italian Wedding! But look out! YOU could be the bride or groom! Raise a glass to the happy(?) wedded couple in this interactive ceremony. You never know WHAT's going to happen next.
(Premiered at the Maryland Renaissance Festival August 2002) 


The Potent Potion of Pantalone
Pantalone will do anything for love...even cheat.  With the help of a most potent potion, he plans for passion. With this precious imbibable, left in the capable hands of his guard, Stupina, anything can go wrong.  Mixed messages, morbid mayhem, and mass mirth ensues while everyone tries to grab a bit of the action for themselves.  Have a hearty drink, sit back, and laugh!
(Premiered at the Maryland Renaissance Festival August 1999)


Stupina, Genius at Work
Stupina proves what kind of genius she is. Watch how her mind works - you’ll laugh just thinking about it. Note: To protect Stupina’s fragile brain, this show is performed only once a day.
(Premiered at the Maryland Renaissance Festival August 2003)


Stupina, The Girlie Girl
Stupina wants to be a Girlie Girl, but she needs A LOT of help.  With some reading assistance from a local villager, she wends her way through the dangerous Female world of heels, hoops, and hair care.  The art of flirting has never been so funny.  Stupina breaks the rule of how to get a man.  Does she succeed? We’ll never tell. 
(Premiered at the Maryland Renaissance Festival August 2004)


The Stupina Seer
The wise and all-powerful Stupina answers your questions...almost. Pantalone and Stupina tell it all as only they know how! Bring your questions; you may get a chance to have YOUR fortune told by the all-seeing Stupina...if she ever stops looking at that tree.
(Premiered at the Maryland Renaissance Festival August 2002)


The Taming of the Shrew
In conjunction with To Go! Enterprises, Teatro! performs the work of Shakespeare, the way God intended…in Italian (or at least Italian accents).  With the audiences cheers, the troupe performs the Bard’s work commedia-style with masks, flips, whips, and even a little cross dressing. But if Shakespeare could do it, so can we.  This half-hour production runs at the speed of light in its “only the good parts, take out the bad parts” version of the most famous battle of the sexes ever.  You’ll be rolling with laughter.
(Premiered with Teatro! at the Maryland Renaissance Festival August 2001)

THAT Show!
It’s a competition...TO THE DEATH! (Well, only a little death.) Columbina and Lelio battle it out to decide who really owns the company. With wooing, swordfighting, wit, and just plain tearing each other’s hair out...the battle of the sexes has never been so funny! You'll never know who ends up on top!
(Premiered at the North Carolina Renaissance Festival March 2000)