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Teatro di Pecorino Romano

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Teatro di Pecorino Romano...

"I had been dreaming of a Commedia troupe... After the first performance, everyone seemed to be talking about "those Italian folks" and we knew we'd found a permanent addition to our faire."
- Jeremy Clos, Entertainment & Production Director, The North Carolina Renaissance Faire, Raleigh, NC

"My friends and I were at the MDRF yesterday and decided we had to see what the show by Stupina was.  We absolutely loved the "Bowls" song.  We spent the rest of the afternoon at the Faire singing it and kept it going for the ride home to Virginia.  Thanks for such wonderful entertainment.  It was the highlight of our Renaissance experience this year!"
-Robert Bernstein, Sterling, VA

"I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I enjoyed your shows at the North Carolina Renaissance Faire.  I've done lots of things in lots of different theaters, but I'd never been exposed to the Commedia dell' Arte.  What a truly wonderful style of theatre."
- Keith Nelson, Wendell, North Carolina

"They get right up in the audiences faces and dare them not to laugh.  They're obviously having too much fun and it shows!"
- Lars Lunde, New Jersey

"With humorous characters, audience participation, and beautiful mask work, the play will be enjoyed by just about anyone young or old.  My friends and I laughed until our sides ached and enjoyed it so much, we attended later performances of the play."
- Keith Heffner, Bel-Air, Maryland

"They are the first troupe I've seen who can perform in a downpour and leave the audience wanting more." 
- T. Leigh Ullrich, Maryland

"It is worth watching the shows repeatedly to see whether or not they both survive the experience.  Even having seen it multiple times, it makes me want to laugh out loud.  Where can I sign up to go to Italy to see them again?"
- Eowyn Rehwinkel, Maryland