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Custom Made Masks


You  want your own mask?

TaskMaskers designs and builds custom fit masks for both performance and play.  We have made masks for our own company, Teatro di Pecorino Romano, as well as for the Cleveland Signstage Theater and other mask lovers.

To have your own special creation, decide what kind of fit you want from below and contact us.

Custom Fit

The masks are designed off of a plaster mold of your face.  If you have a casting, we can use that, or for an additional cost we can make a cast of your face.  A clay model of what the mask will look like is then designed from either a pre-made sketch, a previously designed mask from our collection, or from a description of what you are looking for.  The mask is then built  based on that description or model. 

Off the rack designs?

Yes, as strange as that might sound, you can either buy a pre-made mask based on another face (mainly for decoration purposes, though it might fit you) or you might be able to find a face casting in our collection that is similar to yours and the mask can be designed on that. 

What designs do you already have?

We already have designs for a variety of traditional Commedia dell' Arte characters:  Pantalone, Arlecchino, Pulchinella, Stupina, and assorted Capitanos and Dottores. There is also a neutral mask (though this is best designed on your face), some half masks not from the Commedia genre, and a few full face mask designs.  Or we can create full face masks to your design. Click here for our Mask Gallery for some ideas of what we offer.

 If you are looking to make something special or based off a specific design, just tell us what you want, and we will create that special something just for you.