One is Italian, the Other is Blonde. Join them for music, mayhem and a little bit of naughtiness.

Find out about these courtesans of comedy below. Take a peek, it's ok. They don't mind if you look...we promise.

Columbina Andreni

  • Born: Bergamo, Italy
  • Likes: Flirting, men and other contact sports
  • Favorite Color: Need you ask?
  • Family: Not anymore

Columbina would like to welcome you to this site…she just wishes there weren't so much pink on it.

Trinket Bramage

  • Born: ...
  • Likes: Bunnies, boys and other things you can fluff.
  • Favorite Color: PINK!!!!!
  • Family: Grandmother Jewel, Mother Bijou, Sister Bauble, and Cousin Zirconia, the mauve sheep of the family

Trinket is pleased to be performing so she can…oh look sparkly!


The Interpreters are the brain-child of Michele Schultz, and performed by Lisa Oberg and Michele Schultz. Both lovers of Renaissance Festivals, these two ladies met at MotionFest, a variety artist's conference in Baltimore, Maryland and through fate and timing, began to work together to create a pub act was different than everything else they saw around. Michele, already performing as an Italian, suddenly became inspired by a co-worker's pre-show joke of "Oh Look! A blonde and her interpreter!"  Determined to create a show with funny women using clowning as their medium with music thrown in for interest, the ladies take traditional bawdy folk music and cross it with their own original slapstick and verbal comedy.  A new act was born.

Self-dubbed the Courtesans of Comedy (after a very scientific vote on a social media site), these ladies continue to be pleasantly surprised to discover that people like their music just as much as their mayhem. Their first CD, Be Gentle, was recorded live in a coffee house in Damascus, MD and released in 2008. They are pleased to announce the release of their second recording, And We're Back! which was recorded live at the St. Margaret's Episcopal Church in Parkville, MD in June 2011.